Peninsula Outdoor Painters  

9: 30 Tuesdays.  Bring a bag lunch.  Come and Enjoy the day.

We have a large group, so this year we are spreading out.   

On some of the dates there are also alternate locations to choose from.  

If you have a digital camera, take photos of your groups paintings. Email the photos to Sue Wilson <pleinairlinks@mac.com> and we will post the photos on the website.

Rules for the Open Space Preserves.....and actually, any or our sites.

Yield to equestrians.

Avoid blocking the trails.

Stay on designated trails....that is a little tricky for us, since we cannot block the paths....use your common sense and set up off to the side if it is a narrow path.

Do not dump any dirty paint water or solvents.

Leave your painting area spotless.

Peninsula Outdoor Painters

We are scheduling only one site for every two weeks this year with few exceptions. We are encouraging artists to use the whole day.  

Too tired to paint all day....then paint in the morning and stay for lunch, or come for lunch and an afternoon painting session.  We are hoping more people will be painting in the afternoons, so that when you come in the afternoon, you can expect to see other artists.  A WINTER PLUS....IT WILL BE WARMER IN THE AFTERNOONS!


POPS Painting Sites for 2019


September 3, September 10, DAHLIA DELL

Golden Gate Park, Conservatory Drive East, San Francisco


{}Located on the east side of the Conservatory of Flowers, the Dahlia Dell is tucked in between two walking paths that lead east from the Conservatory.


               From 19th Avenue (Hwy. 1 North), head right (East) on Martin Luther King Jr Drive, turn left on Stow Lake Road and continue to JFK Drive. Turn right (East) past the DeYoung to the Conservatory.

               Park on JFK Drive or make a left on Conservatory Drive East for parking spots closer to the garden.

Restrooms are on the west side of the Conservatory. Plenty of parking spots on JFK Drive and Conservatory Drive East.

Note: Do not park in red zones around the fenced in dahlia garden - you will be ticketed.

September 17, September 24, BAYLANDS NATURE PRESERVE

2500 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto


{}Duck Pond, tidal and fresh water habitats, wildflowers, shore birds, trees, East Bay hills and Eco Center views.


               From Hwy.101North or South: Take Embarcadero Road (East) exit. Follow Embarcadero Road (East) to “T” intersection then turn left onto Baylands Embarcadero Road.

Parking lot and Portapottys are on left side by the Duck Pond. There is a larger parking lot near the Ranger Station, but the lot is sometimes locked. There are picnic tables near the Ranger Station, where we generally have lunch. More parking is available at the end of the road, near the Bay.

October 1, October 8, CRYSTAL SPRINGS RESERVOIR - Bridge at Sawyer Camp Trail


{}{}{}Reservoir, trees, trail, bridge, etc. Restrooms at the Sawyer Camp Trail Entrance


          From San Francisco: Hwy. 280 South to Bunker Hill Exit. At the Stop Sign, turn right, drive down the hill to bridge.

          From the South Bay: Hwy. 280 to Bunker Hill Exit. Turn left on Bunker Hill and drive back over 280, turn right at the stop sign. Continue to another stop sign. Proceed with care since there may be speeding cars coming off of Hwy 280 at the northern exit ramp. Continue through the stop sign towards the bridge.

Parking: There are several parking areas near the bridge.

            Small dirt pull-out on the right just before the bridge, which can accommodate    3-4 cars.

               Paved area on the left at the other end of the bridge (North), with space for about 7 cars. There is access to the Sawyer Camp trail past this parking area. The restrooms are at the entrance to the trail.

               Parking on both sides of the street after the bridge at the entrance to Sawyer Camp Trail.

October 15, October 22, PUMPKIN PATCH - HV Produce on Highway #92

Pumpkin patch, fruit stand and corn field operated by HV Produce, Half Moon Bay


               From Hwy. 280, South from SF or North from Los Altos: take Hwy. 92 (West) exit, toward Half Moon Bay. The fruit stand is on the left, about 6 miles from the junction of Hwy. 92 and Crystal Springs Reservoir.

               From Hwy.1, take Hwy.92 (East), the fruit stand is on the right about 2 miles from the junction of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 92.

               Park behind the fruit stand on the left. Very nice owners and be sure to buy some pumpkins!

October 29, CHANGED TO: Windy Hill Nature Preserve, Spring Ridge Trail.

Directions to Windy Hill

Take 280 to Hwy 92, Half Moon Bay exit. Stay on 92 until Skyline. Turn left at Skyline, Hwy. 35. Drive 14 miles. Windy Hill Parking lot is on the left.

THOMAS FOGARTY WINERY, 19501 Skyline Blvd, Woodside (Second visit Nov. 5)


Thomas Fogarty Winery is located on the east side of Highway 35 (Skyline Blvd),

4.5 miles south of Highway 84 (Woodside Rd.) and 2.7 miles north of Page Mill Road.


From North or South on Highway 280: Take 84 West exit and go thru the town of Woodside up the mountain to Skyline Blvd. Make a left turn onto Highway 35 and drive 4.5 miles south then turn left into the winery and park by the pond area.

Restrooms are in the main building next to the office. The winery is closed on Tuesdays but the restrooms are available for our use.


November 5 - THOMAS FOGARTY WINERY (See Oct. 29)

November 12 & 19, SAN MATEO JAPANESE GARDEN  *Opens at 10 am

50 East 5th Ave., (Central Park), San Mateo CA


{}The Japanese Tea Garden was designed by landscape architect, Nagao Sakurai of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo. It features a granite pagoda, tea house, koi pond and bamboo grove. 


               From Hwy. 101, South from SF or N. from Los Altos: Take Hwy. 101 to San Mateo. Exit onto Hwy 92, W. Almost immediately, take the El Camino Real exit going North. Continue on El Camino Real to E. 5th Ave. Turn right and park in the lot on the right side of the street.

There are parking machines in the lot; note your space number-- $.50/hour, 4-hour limit; $.25/hour, 10-hour limit.

November 26, December 3, SHELLDANCE ORCHID GARDENS  

2000 Coast Highway, Pacifica


{}{}Orchids, bromeliads and lots of unusual plants in greenhouses. Hanging mosses, ferns, palms, etc. create a wonderful indoor rainforest. Views of coast. See the website for their very interesting history.


               From the Peninsula, (Hwy. 280 North): take Hwy. 92 (West) exit to Hwy. 1 (North). Continue North through the Tunnel to Pacifica. Shelldance is just past the 4th traffic light at Reina del Mar. Continue on Hwy.1, past the gas station and police station then make a right at the Orchid sign. Continue driving up the winding road to the top where there is a large parking lot.

               Alternative from Peninsula, take Hwy. 280 (North) to Hwy. 35: Continue on Skyline. Turn left at Sharp Park. Turn right on Francisco for short block. Merge onto Hwy. 1. Make a U turn at Reina del Mar, drive 0.3 miles up the hill then make a right turn at the Orchard Gardens sign.

               From San Francisco, (Hwy.1 South): to Reina Del Mar, Pacifica, make a U-turn and continue 0.3 miles then make a right turn at the Orchid Gardens sign.

Parking available; restroom inside. Lunch inside or outside depending upon weather.  

December 10, December 17, ROCKAWAY BEACH, PACIFICA

Beautiful beach views and a walking trail on north side heading towards a quarry for a big variety of scenes to paint.


               From the Peninsula: Take Hwy. 280 to Hwy. 92 West., towards Half Moon Bay. At Hwy. 92 and Hwy. 1, turn right (North) and proceed to Pacifica. Make a left turn at Rockaway Beach Avenue then a right on Old Country Road or Dondee. Parking lot faces the ocean at San Marlo Way and Maitland Road.

               From San Francisco: Take Hwy. 1 South to Rockaway Beach, turn right on Rockaway Beach Avenue, right on Old Country Road to parking lot.


Restroom and parking available.

Note: There is a north beach and a south beach and painters may be at either location.

Dec. 17, meet at Nick’s for indoor lunch.

December 24, December 31. No painting scheduled. Enjoy the Holidays! See you next year!